Ramneek Singh, born in New Delhi, India, was introduced to basic instruction in Indian Classical Music at the age of six. An impressionable Ramneek absorbed the basics of the Hindustani Sangeet from diverse sources. Observing great maestros in her early years inspired her to develop a personal approach to music.

Ramneek started her formal vocal training at the famed music institute – The Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyapeeth, New Delhi (established in Lucknow in the early 1900s) from where she acquired a Bachelors in Vocal Music (Visharad) in 1988. Furthering her intimacy with tala and swara, she found the strict discipline and advanced training under the tutelage of Ms. Amarjeet Kaur in New Delhi, a senior disciple of late Ustad Amir Khan and late Pt. Amarnath of the famous Indore Gharana. She has also taken instruction from Pt. Vinayak Torvi, a disciple of Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, and is currently a disciple of Pt. Baldev Raj Verma, the third generation of Indore Gharana.

Ramneek’s deep soulful voice and years of talim & riyaz, combined with an attractive style of presentation won her many an acclaim. Her speciality is in the presentation of Vilambit Khayal with utmost imagination and slow progression of swar elaboration, typical of the Amir Khani style. Ramneek started her professional performances with a critically acclaimed debut concert at the Triveni Kala Sangam in New Delhi in 1995. In 1997 and 1998, She was invited to lecture demonstrate and perform at the MIT, Boston. Besides the US, she has given numerous concerts in Toronto, Canada, including the Consulate General of India.

Ramneek has a unique style of rendering Shabad-Kirtan in the classical style. She equally enjoys performing in semi-classical styles like thumris and horis with ease and excellence. She is a regular performer on Television in Canada, and has composed title music for many Television shows.

Apart from her performances, Ramneek has whole heartedly dedicated herself to propagating the rich heritage of classical arts to the culture conscious masses in India and abroad. She has taught for many years in India, in Boston at the LearnQuest Academy of Arts & Music, at the famed Toronto Tabla Ensamble and at Sur-Rang School of Music established by her in Toronto, instructing advanced students in the intricacies of Indore Gharana.


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