Ramneek Singh


“Ramneek’s greatest asset is her voice….fresh and sweet.  Her range is commendable, spanning almost three octaves”

-  Bandana Malhotra, The Hindustan Times

Ramneek Singh, introduced to Indian Classical Music at the tender age of six, is an accomplished vocal artist with more than thirty years of strict vocal training.  She has a Visharad (degree) from Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyapeeth, and prides herself in being a purist from the Indore Gharana, a distinctively meditative and serene style of Khayal presentation, as institututed by Ustad Amir Khan.  Ramneek has given numerous performances in India and North America, and teaches advanced Vocal Hindustani Music.


News & Updates:

Deeply Divine,  Chinmaya Rameshwaram, Orange Cty, CA,  Feb 27, 2016

Mitralaya Concert series,  Saratoga, CA,  March 5, 2016

Great Poets:Kabir&Khusrow,  Aga Khan Museum, Toronto,  April 29, 2016